About Sprout

‘If students get discounts while studying, then so should mothers on maternity pay!’

Sprout was created by Sophie Horne, mother to Toby and Leo. When Sophie first fell pregnant in 2017, her priority was to save money to enable her to take as much time off to care for her baby as possible.

With maternity leave came the adjustment to her income in the form of maternity pay. She found during maternity leave that she still wanted to spend money on herself but also had a fast-growing baby and his needs to keep up with too.

After successfully getting out of the house alone for a hair appointment and receiving a discount from a local promotion, she thought how great it would be if that discount had been granted because she was on maternity pay. And so, Sprout was born.

Sophie wanted to create an opportunity for new parents to feel rewarded and give them something for themselves at a time when everything becomes about the baby. She believes that parents should continue to enjoy their lifestyles, despite dealing with maternity/paternity pay and wants to help businesses reach this growing market along the way.